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Public Notices

Pursuant to NCGS 53C-1-4(59), public notice of applicable information regarding applications is required via a single publication in a newspaper of general circulation in the county in which the bank that is the subject of the notice has its principal office (or where the Commissioner determines is necessary), and via a posting on the Commissioner's website for at least 15 days.



Notice of application by Truist Bank, Charlotte, NC, for authority to relocate a bank in Miami Beach, FL. (posted 1/14/2020)


Notice of application by blueharbor bank, Mooresville, NC, for authority to open a branch in Morehead City, NC. (posted 1/15/2020)


Notice of application by Coastal Bank & Trust, Jacksonville, NC, for authority to open a branch in Morehead City, NC. (posted 1/16/2020)