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01/26/22   Commercial Banks, Savings Banks, Non-Depository Trust Companies, Bank Holding Companies

                                  !ATTENTION REQUIRED!


North Carolina’s Assumed Business Name Act (ACT) has changed.  Any certificate of assumed named registered BEFORE December 1, 2017, will expire on December 1, 2022.  If you desire to continue using an assumed name, you must register a new Certificate of Assumed Name and pay the $26 fee BEFORE the expiration date.  Once expired, the assumed name cannot be used until a new certificate is filed in accordance with NCGS, Chapter 66, Article 14A. Click the link above for a fillable version of the certificate. 

For more information, click this link to review the full statute (NCGS, Chapter 66, Article 14A).  The NC Secretary of State’s office is responsible for implementing the new registry of assumed names.  The following link provides information and frequently asked questions about the ACT: NC Secretary of State - Assumed Business Names

If you have questions, please contact Business Link North Carolina at or 800-228-8443.